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Have you been wanting to explore the practices of yoga deeper yet not looking to do a training? 

Are you seeking the time and space to rest, digest whilst gaining valuable spiritual & self healing tools & information? 

Are you reaching points of depletion managing the hustle and bustle of life ? 

Are you looking to peacefully heal and nourish parts of yourself that aren’t in alignment ? 

This retreat is for you.


Santosha, in Sanskrit is translated as ‘contentment’. 

In yoga, Santosha along side Moksa (liberation) are 2 of the yogis highest values and goals to obtain in this human experience. 

We tend to over complicate life and become lost  and steer off track to things both physical and mental that are outside of ourselves, taking us away from the experience of Santosha, literal contentment. 

The intention of this retreat is to deeply nourish the aspects of us and integrate deeply rooted contentment in our daily lives, no matter whats thrown our way. 

Your Facilitators

Guiding you through this retreat, is a group of world renowned yoga teachers, musicians & TCM practitioners. Each with over 10 years experienced in there service and devoted to creating safe spaces for healing & transformation.


6:00 AM - Optional Sunrise Morning Silence & Journalling

7:00 AM - Tea/Coffee/Fruit

7:30 AM - Yoga & Meditation

9:00 AM - Breakfast/Brunch

10:00 AM - Free time to rest, explore the never ending property, receive a treatment or Wisdom talk

1:00 PM - Lunch - Organic & Home Cooked

2:00 PM - Workshop of Thai Massage, Kirtan Vocal Activation or TCM, Subtle & energetic anatomy & self healing tools.

5:00 PM - Evening Practice - Yin/Restorative/Yoga Nidra with Live Music

7:00 PM - Dinner

7:30 PM - Free Time around the fire

Please note: This is a sample schedule and will change/alter to cater to a holistic and very complete experience. Some mornings will be rest & self time, others will be educational, as same for the afternoons. We wish to enrich a very nurtured, balanced experience.


Our retreat gives you access to Sacred Hearth Sanctuary's 35 acres of exquisite grounds, a walking track through the pristine old growth rainforest that borders the property, the Yoga Temple, a freshwater pond for swimming, delicious, wholesome vegetarian meals, daily seva (selfless service to harmonise the head, heart & hand) and a carefully designed retreat program to purify and awaken deep transformation at all levels of being. 

Share communal meals in the dining-lounge room with magnificent views to Mount Boogarem, gather in the Yoga Temple to receive teaching and guidance, participate in sacred ceremony on the land, commune with nature, enjoy healing and massage from one of our experienced therapists, share stories around the fire pit, swim in the freshwater dam, take in the scenery from one of the many decks.

Walk through the old growth rainforest to the Sacred Spring or wander around the grounds. Pay a visit to the grandfather camphor tree, gather for ceremony with 'elephant' fig, sit with the majestic cedar tree in the fairy glen. There are many hidden spots where you can take time
to be with yourself and immerse in silence.


Luxury Rooming Options 

queen bed
meditation room


  • Morning and evening practices of meditation, pranayam, nidra & asana.

  • Wisdom talks on the philosophy of yoga, energetic/subtle anatomy & traditional Chinese medicine 

  • kirtan and soulful vocal activation guided by lulu & Mischka 

  • Thai yoga massage workshops 

  • Sound healing

  • 3 x daily organic and mindfully curated meals 

  • Luxury comfort country accomodation in the Byron bay hinterlands and a secluded private average 

  • Alot of space for sunset fires, rest, journaling, hikes, freshwater river swims and more in between. 

  • Optional massage & treatments available. 


  • Flights to and from Byron Bay

  • Any extra personal excursions during your time here

  • Optional massage & extra treatments

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"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside"

- Sri Ramana Maharshi

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