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Image by Chelsea shapouri


Why essential oils?

My relationship to essential oils begun when I was 18 years old, around the same age I did my first Yoga Teacher training. They started as a relaxing scent to help me ease my mind & to study. They then travelled into my home to be diffused constantly, as I learnt more about them they then made there way into my yoga classes, onto my skin as healing remedies for rashes & scars, into my laundry to remove stains & bacterias, I create my own home made skin & haircare products, and of course, house hold cleaning products. They were with me at my birth & have supported my son with his teething, growing pains, upset belly & restless nights. 

These little bottle of pure, natural, organic herbs & flowers - have changed my life dramatically in so many ways. I feel so blessed knowing I can take care of my own health, and my families simply, consciously & safely, knowing exactly what is inside the products I use. 

Life doesn't have to be complicated. We don't have to rely on mainstream markets to take care of our health. It's time to rest our trust back into our intuition and nature. 

This is a perfect space to begin 

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