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An online 2 day deep dive, into the infinite unfoldment of healing, self accountability & deep rest, that the practice of yoga nidra brings.


The intention behind this weekend immersion is to direct your inquiry to the practice and trust of Yoga Nidra.

To deepen your understanding about the practice, how it works, why yoga Nidra is different to other dorms of meditation, the effectiveness & rejuvenation for the body, mind spirit and how yoga Nidra can support our nervous systems in getting the deep, intended, healing & rest our bodies so desperately crave.

In the times we are living in our capacity to switch the brain off from stimuli, and tap into deep rest has massively declined since our social media and device obsession has become more and more involved in our lives. When covid hit and the world went more online, so did our brains, the increase in depression, comparison, anxiety & suicide almost tripled.

Its said that the human body can only handle 60-90 seconds worth of stress per day to be at optimal function - we don’t even realise the sub conscious stresses we are exposed to monthly, weekly, daily even hourly. 

Learn how Yoga Nidra can support you, your family & your students to live a life with more awareness & intention. 


Receive The Recordings Here!

For only $80 have access to 2 days of pre-recorded content from our live sessions - included Q&A's, slideshow presentations & live yoga nidra practices. 

Watch at your own pace & repeat as desired. 

Walk away feeling knowledgable and confident in the foundational understanding of the yoga nidra practice. 


Every body that can breathe.

  • Yoga Teachers wishing to incorporate yoga Nidra into there classes

  • Yoga practitioners wishing to deepen there understanding and practice of Yoga Nidra

  • Burnt out parents that are struggling to catch up on deep rest 

  • Those curious to explore a different form of meditation & healing 

  • Humans wishing to deepen there human experience and step out of suffering 

Image by Matt Hardy
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  • Thursday 24th & Friday 25th of November, 2022

  • 5pm-8pm Brisbane QLD time 

  • Over 2 days - 3 hours each day. 

  • Each day We will cover philosophy of yoga Nidra, simple teaching methodology and experience a practice.

  • During our practice each day we will have a different guest join the meditation with live sounds to enhance the journey through the brain waves.  

  • We will learn the importance of our nervous system, how to access deep rest, the rhythm of our brain waves, accessing our sub conscious & samskaras, and how to put together a yoga nidra sequence.

  • **Classes will be recorded and sent to you for you to rewatch and store in your library** 


Join us for the most requested immersion to date - a journey through the depths of Yoga Nidra meditation. 
Ellie has held the practice of yoga nidra close to her heart for over 5 years, through her conception, pregnancy, birth & motherhood, this is the one practice that has supported her in attaining awareness, introspection and deep rejuvenation. 
Ellie has a very unique way to guide you step by step through this form of yogic sleep, emphasising your bodies intelligence. 
Easy to follow, easy to understand & easy to attain - her soft yet grounded voice will drift you to the clouds, all the way home to your heart.

Image by Hugo ROUQUETTE

I’m so so so glad that i bought the yoga nidra immersion! I’ve listened to the recordings multiple times and it’s so incredible powerful! 

The Yoga Nidra practices at the end was also so sweet to my system.


So just wanted to say that you did a damn good job creating this .

Caroline, yoga teacher

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