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And so as you enter the most precious, fulfilling, exhausting, challenging dharma in your life, the result is how you prepare, take care of yourself. Because mama - you'r worth it. 

These sessions are for you mama, if you feel alone, confused, unprepared, struggling to be in the present, holding onto unrealistic expectations or generally exhausted.

Mother hood is a precious gift that sometimes we forget to be able to see it clearly, between the sleepless nights, bitten nipples, lost sexual intimacy in partners and navigation of unexperienced hormones running through your system. 

Guess what - you're not alone. And we all need support sometimes. 

Each woman will have an individualized approach in the way we work together, depending on where you are at. 

2 options:


1 x 1.5 hour Session to Support your specific desires from the below list.



4 x 1.5 hour sessions to support from beginning to end.


During each call we will divide the following topics and go deeper each week:  

~Essential Hand outs to prepare you for the little, big things. 

* Food Train (communal nourishing meal support)

*Post-Partum Affirmation cards

*Communal Cleaning/Shopping support

~Personalized meditation/Yoga Nidra

~Personalized post partum yoga sequence to support your birthing experience

~Calming breathing practices to use while breastfeeding/showering/sleep support

~Energizing breathing practices to ignite your inner strength 

~Holding space for love & support in your post partum journey.

~Help you to create solutions & revolutionize/upgrade your current experience. Whether it be healing your birth story, releasing trapped expectations, supporting better communication with loved ones, supporting mental health, supportive mindful practices to help you cultivate more joy in your motherhood experience. 

~Supporting yourself & your baby with Essential Oils, such as: 

*Diffusing blends for stress, anxiety, calming, neutralizing, steadiness, teething, clearing

*Teething blends

*Breast milk blends

*Calming blends for mum 

*Sanitizing/Cleaning. Clothes, utensils, bench tops, showers etc

Optional add on: Young Living essential oil kit & Diffuser ~ $165

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