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Give in to your highest self ~ pave the way for a blissful, educated & sacred birth. 

Pregnancy & Birth Support 1:1 Online sessions are a service to every mother currently journeying through their pregnancy. Whether it be first, second or third trimester, these sessions are designed to fulfill the pregnancy & birth path you've dreamed of. Every action begins with a thought ~ we work privately together to create the most positive, supportive & trusting inner dialogue, for you to always return back to. 

Each woman will have an individualized approach in the way we work together, depending on where you are at.

2 options:


1 x 1.5 hour Session to Support your specific desires from the below list.



4 x 1.5 hour sessions to support from beginning to end.


During each call we will divide the following topics and go deeper each week:  

~ Personalized Meditation 

~ Personalized, supportive yoga sequence to meet you exactly where you're at. 

~ Creating a deep connection to baby.

~ Preparation for Birth:

*Essential oils and how to use them in your birth prep, birthing space & after

*Playlist & Affirmations

*Specialized hydrating recipe tonic for birth & post-birth

*Alter creating 

*Releasing trapped, conditioned fears that may appear during birth. 

*Envisioning, creating & journalling your sacred birth - perfect to share with your birthing team. I offer you prompts, tools & doorways into the unknown to allow you to feel prepared.   

*Breastfeeding & nutrition support (if requested) 

Optional add on : Young Living Essential oil kit & diffuser : $165  

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