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Image by Howard Bouchevereau


Support Sessions uniquely designed and created by your specific desires at heart -

a true initiation as you bring life earth side. 

Mothering the mother session are for women deeply devoted to
making their pregnancy & fourth trimester journey educated, connected, blissful & gracefully calm - the way women deserve.

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These support sessions are to act as an anchor, to alchemize this wild ride called motherhood. To tune you into your highest calling and to allow this process to be the most rewarding you've ever had.

- Because you prepared yourself & because you didn't leave yourself behind -

When I was pregnant, I was extremely blessed to have 2 midwives with storytelling back grounds. One, that spent her life serving all around the world normalizing natural, calm birthing. And the Second, that lived and trained for many years in Africa, birthing with the women in the villages therefore her tools to support the natural process of pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding where incredibly wise, ancient & nourishing. My doula was a deeply intuitive mother of 3 that did not leave my side and spoke the words that needed to come from my mouth without me needing to physically say a word, she didn't leave my side for 3 days, and when I looked into her eyes I felt safe. I birthed with a team of angels.

I was blessed to be surrounded by a conscious community in Bali & Australia that throned the pregnant mother like a queen. I learnt from grandmothers, wise mothers, single mothers, young mothers ~ women that had literally been through it all. 

When I finally birthed my son earthside, I felt deeply grateful I educated myself on the way mothers where treated, and babies where cared for in the fourth trimester. I set myself up, with support from those around me to have the most calm, surrendered, spacious & healing post-partum experience I could have wished for. 

I grieved my birth, I grieved what was and what could have been, i healed wounds of projection, I held myself and my son in our rawest state of vulnerability post birth as I catered to the wild women I new I was about to embody. the one that had no fears - no limitations, and was lead by truth and raw intuition. 


I watched those around me run back to house wife duties after a week of birthing, going back to work after the typical expected 6 weeks, having friends and visitors come days after birthing and admittedly uncomfortably hand their baby over for show and tell while they host guests - meanwhile a flood of thousands hormones running through their system waving red flags of discomfort - major key triggers to PPD & PPA .. the major factor here, is the conditioned system in thinking this approach is okay, or not knowing any different. 

So I wish to encourage:

Let's do it better - let's do it differently.

I am inspired to educate the mother to her fullest potential through the natural ways of her bodies communication, and empower her to make her own choices using tried and tested support systems, practices, tools & ways of conscious communication. 

After years of working with pregnant mothers, new mothers, being present in births, supporting women in their post-partum care and giving birth myself - mothering the mother sessions where due to come to fruition - to support mothers from all around the world feel educated, nourished & calm as they bring life earth side, with the ways of the ancestors & of the now. 

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